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The Beard

Beard has become the symbol of Manhood that can be in many shapes and sizes. What could be more manly than a full beard on the face that is healthy and denotes masculinity?

With the trend of keeping a beard, Men have become more enthusiastic about grooming. Thick full beard or trimmed short beard, all of them need proper care and grooming to maintain the Masculinity in the trend of Beards.

A beard tends to grow the way one’s genetics allow it. All factors from texture to color of your facial hair are dictated by your genes. Most men go a lifetime without grooming their beards and you can’t blame them for it either, they just didn’t have anyone to educate them about beard grooming and its benefits. They may not realise how much better their mane would have looked had they taken small, but effective steps to maintain its health and hygiene.

Well, let’s get into what beard grooming is and why it will be beneficial for you in the long run as well as the short term.

Beards come in endless varieties, consisting of various combinations of texture, thickness, and length. While each individual on the planet has unique facial hair, a similar grooming routine - if not exactly the same - is followed universally. Various beard grooming products are sold separately as well as in kits. Beard grooming kits for men usually consist of:

  • Beard Oil
  • Beard Growth Oil
  • Beard Shampoo or Beard Wash
  • Beard Conditioner
  • Beard Serum
  • Beard Balm and/or Beard Wax
  • Beard Comb and Brush.

These products go a long way in ensuring you have a clean and healthy beard to sport and let’s not forget, using grooming products will make your beard look better than it ever did.

Advantages of beard grooming are as follows:

  1. It makes your beard fuller by thickening each hair.
  2. Get rid of split ends.
  3. Considerably decrease the number of knots and tangled hair.
  4. It speeds up the growth rate of your beard.
  5. Helps replace dead hair with lively, healthy hair.

Disadvantages of beard grooming are as follows:

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The aforementioned advantages prove that grooming your facial hair is a must and certainly, a no-brainer!

Steps for Grooming a Beard:

Now that we’ve seen the advantages of grooming, let’s see how to groom a beard in the right way.

If you have a grooming kit, then you should know it's not just a grooming kit, it's a weapon you're gonna use to embrace the style of your personality. Here are some important steps to remember while grooming a beard:

1. Clean the Beard

Don’t let the bacteria take shelter in your beard, Keep your beard always clean and maintain hygiene. There are beard shampoos for cleaning the beard in the right way. To make the cleaning process better, condition your beard with a beard conditioner.

2. Clean the Beard

Don’t let the bacteria take shelter in your beard, Keep your beard always clean and maintain hygiene. There are beard shampoos for cleaning the beard in the right way. To make the cleaning process better, condition your beard with a beard conditioner.

3. Trim the Beard

Growing the beard doesn’t mean you would not need a trimmer. Keeping the beard in shape and giving importance to the length is one of the major steps of grooming. Trim it with care and preciseness, trim it to style, and trim to grow.

4. Shape the Beard

Giving shape to your grown beard is the final touch to your grooming procedure where you have to be extra careful about some things. Keeping in mind, what shape you want for your beard is important. Try not to go too short or keep it too long. Depending on your face cut, decide which shape would suit your beard. Get the edges right and style it as you want.

What do these products do?

Well, you have decided to keep a beard, which may sound simple but needs your constant care. To keep a beard healthy and also look stylish, you may use all the available products in the market for beard grooming, but making the right choice for the right care is better. Here are some suggestions for you to pick the product you need. Let’s see what each product can do for you.

Beard Oils

Beard oils are made of natural ingredients, mostly oils. Beard oils are capable of not just managing your beard but to help you grow a beard. Beard oils nourishe your beard and add volume to it. So if you want to grow a healthy and thick beard or want to maintain the nourishment and growth of your beard, get the Beard Oils.

Beard Wash and Conditioner

Beard washes are to clean and maintain the hygiene of the beard. Beard washes or Beard Shampoos cleans the beard and the skin beneath the beard providing the proper nourishment to them. Beard conditioners on other hand, maintain the softness and moisture of the beard and the skin. To maintain a healthy, clean, and soft beard, get a Beard Wash.

Beard Creams

Growing a beard gives you the responsibility of keeping it healthy so you can style with it. Beard creams also known as Beard Crème are softening creams that soften the beard and provide nourishment to them. If you have a rough and dry beard go for beard creams to enhance the quality of your long beard and make it smooth and shiny.

Beard Balms and Beard Wax

Using beard oils and other beard products may help you get a healthy and nourished beard, but maintaining it to style as you want can be achieved through the Beard Balms or Beard Wax. Getting nourishment with an easily manageable beard is what beard wax and balms provide. If you want to style your beard with shine and softness, go for a Beard balm or Beard Wax.

Mancode has grooming products that use natural ingredients that do help you get the beard you desire. The manly look of your beard is achieved through the Mancode Grooming Kit. None of the products from Mancode contains harmful chemicals like paraben or sulfate that can hard your skin or hair.


Beard oil - it promotes beard growth by moisturizing the skin underneath your beard, thus making your beard softer and fuller.

Beard Shampoo - Gets rid of itchiness caused by dirt and germs that settle on and underneath your beard throughout the day. It also gives a woody, zesty scent to your beard.

Beard conditioner - It smoothens your beard hair and takes away the flakiness and prevents dandruff.

Beard balm - This is an alternative to beard conditioners as it is used after bath, just like beard oils. It regulates the moisture levels needed for the beard to thrive; it softens the beard too.

At Mancode, we have all these products available for you and more importantly, for your glorious beards!

For those who are growing a beard for the first time, or trying to do so, keep in mind that a beard takes time to grow; be patient. Clean shave so that your beard can grow from scratch. Maintain a daily skincare routine as it promotes the growth and good health of your facial hair. Last but not the least, use beard grooming products or just go for a grooming kit to save you some time.

The ideal beard grooming kit must contain a beard oil, a beard cream (also known as beard crème), beard shampoo and conditioner, or a beard wash to compensate for the duo mentioned prior to this, a beard comb and beard brush.

You can purchase these products separately if you don't find them all in one grooming kit.

Facial cleanser - It has more moisturising and hydrating properties than face washes.

Moisturizer - It helps sustain your skin's youth by fighting wrinkles. It fights extreme dryness as well as extreme oiliness, as neither is good for your skin.

SPF (sunscreen) - It protects your skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays, which are harmful and cause skin cancer.

Moustache wax - Moustache wax and beard wax must not be interchanged, even by accident! Moustache wax is extremely thick and is meant solely to keep your 'stache in check. It is the best product to groom and style your moustache the way you want, granted you have a moustache on which said styles can be tried out.

Do check out our grooming products for men. You'll find not only the aforementioned products but many more!

Shape your beard according to your face shape/face cut. It will add symmetry to your face, making you look more appealing as a result. Use a face wash, moisturizer, chemical exfoliants, and SPF to keep your skin healthy and clean, thus ensuring good beard health and promoting facial hair growth as well. Wash your beard regularly; don't overwash though. Be gentle on your beard. Shampoo and condition it, as it needs equally good care as the hair on your scalp.

Beard Trimmer - Using a trimmer correctly gives your beard a neat look and is your best bet for a fresh trim as compared to the conventional comb and scissors combination, which will give you hell if you're using it to style your own beard.

Beard Brush - It helps distribute your other grooming products such as balms, oils and serums evenly throughout the nooks and corners of your beard, as well as underneath it; all of this with ease! A beard brush also comes in handy when you can't resist scratching anymore!

Beard Serum -  These products will definitely help you groom your beard well. Mancode provides quality grooming products that will go a long way to help you maintain your desired beard look!