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Most of us men don’t bother taking care of our skin. Does that make us “macho”? Nope. Does that make us more manly than the men who groom themselves well? Surely not. If anything, it exposes our skin to various health hazards and puts our health as a whole, at risk. So masculine, right? Not at all, fellas. It’s just a common misconception – and an extremely backward mentality if you ask me – among men who think they’re “alpha males” for letting their skin suffer.
So what has been holding us back from treating our skin the way it deserves to be treated? It’s time to kick these silly stereotypes in the nuts and get that glowing skin you’ve always (secretly) wanted!
First things first. You’re going to need a facial cleanser before anything else. Cleaning your face until you get super dry, completely oil-free skin may make you feel like you’ve attained peak skin conditions. You’re in for a rude awakening, mate. You were successful… in destroying your face’s good oils that were protecting your skin and keeping it moisturized all this while. Man. Well, don’t worry, it will get back to normal in no time; just, don’t do it again, you know? Use a facial cleanser instead. They work as moisturizers, while clearing the unnecessary dirt and bad oils that you really need to get rid of. Use the cleanser twice a day, on a daily basis.
Now it’s time to introduce a life saver. Ever partied all night long? Neither have I. A few pegs in and you’ll find me passed out on the nearest couch. Actually, not necessarily. You’ll find me passed out; let’s leave it at that. Coming back to the matter at hand, you know you’re not going to wake up looking like Prince Charming, irrespective of how late (or not so late) you’ve stayed up drinking. To make things worse, it’s a workday! Well, you’d be kicked out of your workplace if you show up with your hungover appearance. Here’s the lifesaver that didn’t really need this much build-up – eye cream! This little miracle worker will erase those dark circles and/or puffy bags like someone Photoshop’d them out. You’ll look a whole lot fresher than you actually are, ya drunken mess!
“No offence”
“None taken”
“That’s the spirit”

NOTE: Eye cream will take away the appearance that you’re hungover, not the hangover itself!

We’ve covered two products, time for a few more. No skin care routine is complete without moisturizer (there’s more actually   but this one’s a rather important one). Moisturizers come in many forms, most notably lotions, creams and gels. I don’t really need to explain what a moisturizer does, do I? Well, I’ll explain anyway. It moisturizes your skin, duh! Please use this if you want to maintain good skin for years.
SPF (Sun Protection Factor), or better known as sunscreen is the next product we’re going to be looking at. We’re all outside in the sun almost on a daily basis. This leaves our skin completely exposed to the sun’s harmful Ultraviolet rays; commonly referred to as UV rays. These rays are a direct cause of skin cancer. Jeez! We all know cancer sucks big-time. So why must we increase our own odds of getting it? This is where sunscreen comes in to play. Apply a generous amount on your skin and voilà, you’re good to go! Not to forget, applying sunscreen everyday is one of the most effective anti-aging techniques. If possible, look for sunscreens that have skin hydrating ingredients.
Let’s talk about exfoliators now, shall we? Regular exfoliation is essential for our skin as it clears the dead skin cells present on the skin’s surface. These dead skin cells block pores. That isn’t good. Ever had your kitchen sink clogged? If yes, you know that’s quite a problem to have! Lack of exploration leaves your skin looking dull. Now no one wants that.
Our next product is serum. Serums have a higher potency than moisturizers. They serve similar, but not the exact same purposes. Serums bestow active ingredients and nutrients effectively and at a more pacy rate comparatively. Use it twice a day, preferably after you’ve applied your facial cleanser and before applying your moisturizer.
A couple of skin care products left to go. A successful skin care routine has it’s requirements, you know? Your patience is one of them. Now for my acne squad, this product’s an absolute no-brainer to have in your locker (or bag). So what has this product done to be held in such high esteem? I’ll tell you. To put it shortly, it’s obviously going to help keep your skin clear and reduce acne considerably. It deep-cleans your pores and terminates the excess oil that collects on the surface of your skin (all this while being gentle on your skin itself).
Last but not least, we’ve come down to the final product that I’m going to talk about in this blog (intense music plays in the background) – FACE MASKS!
At this point, a fair number of guys reading this are going, “Woah, woah, woah! Slow down there, buddy. I can consider the products prior to this one, but masks? No way in hell! At some point, I’ve got to draw the line. We’ve reached that point!”. Well wellwell, take a chill pill, pal. Applying a face mask is not taking your masculinity away from you. In fact, it’s taking the toxic masculinity away from you for your own betterment. Did I not mention that along with the toxic masculinity, the mask is also taking away built-up dirt, excess oil and debris from the deep ends of your pores as well? Here, I’ve mentioned it now. Clay masks are a good option for a skin types as they contain natural ingredients such as mud and mud-based clay. It’s aftermath makes your skin feel like a breath of cool, fresh air just hit it. I know it’s tempting at this point (and understandably so). It’s worth the try, bro; just go for it. Thank me later!

So I hope you guys try a few, if not all of these products and reap the benefits of the same as a result. So with that being said, let’s raise a toast to good and healthy skin. Cheers! One glass is enough, ya drunken mess! ;p

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