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Keratin Hair Shampoo for men, 200ml

Good looks matter! Especially when you want to impress the ladies around you. You can go to the gym and beef up to get a bulky body, but what about your hair? Men should care about their hair too. Hair is very important. As we know, guys love to experiment with their hair and will go any length to secure a good haircut that makes them look sexy and feel cool. If you want to look cool, you spike it up; but for a formal event, you prefer to keep it stylishly side parted. But, professional treatment can leave your hair in a bad shape. 

Hair Fall Control Shampoo for Men

    • Cleanses excess oil from the scalp.
    • Soothes and nourishes your hair scalp for healthy hair growth.
    • Contains Neem to resolve dry scalp issues and dandruff problems caused by sweat.
    • Provides relief from problems like itching, scaling and scratching caused by psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis.
So, if you were looking for a hair fall shampoo to suit your needs, you can end it now by purchasing Mancode Hair Fall Control Shampoo.

Charcoal Shampoo for Men (200 ml )

Mancode is all set to bring its newly launched charcoal shampoo which is infused with activated charcoal and helps to deep cleanse your hair. It also helps to soothe the scalp and avoid itchiness. Also, charcoal shampoo is capable of repairing damaged hairs and makes them shinier and smoother.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men (200 ml)

Mancode Anti Dandruff shampoo Formulated with Pyrithione Zinc to target dandruff. Controls the appearance of visible flakes and soothes scalp irritation. Blended with Mint Leaf for anti-bacterial and calming properties. Leaves hair clean and comfortable.