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Teeth are an important part of the face. It says a lot about an individual’s personality. Almost 9/10 people have suffered from toothache in their childhood or adulthood. In our childhood, eating junk food was our normal day-to-day routine which caused toothache but as an Adult, it is our responsibility to take care of our teeth in the form of self-care and hygiene.

Many people suffer from yellow teeth despite the fact that they brush regularly, the reason is that either they are smokers or consume alcohol or consume excess caffeine products like Tea, coffee, and more.

Yellow teeth bring forth a lot of Insecurities in an individual. They are uncomfortable to smile which affects a person’s self-confidence and motivation. Teeth care is not an overnight action. It is a continuous, consistent process to make it a part of your habits. 

Mancode Teeth powder products offer you a wide variety of teeth care products that can help you maintain healthy teeth and gums and you can confidently and widely smile in the crowd. Even if you consume caffeine or smoke, Mancode teeth care products can maintain and flourish your teeth when used regularly and consistently. 

Normally, An individual visits the Dentist, when the problem is at its peak and when a person is suffering from a lot of pain. A dental checkup or Cure is Cost Consuming. It is advisable to make extra efforts to maintain your oral hygiene and teeth care so that the chances of any future intervention are minimal. 

What are you waiting for? Buy teeth care online from the official website of Mancode at a very affordable rate. Mancode teeth care is available online in India from the website of Mancode.

How fast do you start noticing changes to your teeth?

The results are quite apparent if Mancode teeth care is used regularly and consistently. The results vary from person to person.

Does Teeth Powder remove tartar?

Yes, Mancode teeth care does have the properties to remove tartar only if it is used regularly. It won’t remove the stains of tartar overnight. Mancode teeth care must be used every day for better results.

When should I use Teeth Powder before or after brushing?

You can use Mancode teeth care simultaneously with brushing. Apply teeth whitening charcoal powder on your brush and start brushing for effective results. Use it daily.

Is Mancode teeth powder functional on tobacco stains?

Yes, Mancode teeth powder does function on tobacco stains. The mancode teeth whitening powder is made up of activated charcoal that has the ability to remove surface stains. The mancode teeth whitening powder is only effective when used regularly and even more effective if you use mancode teeth whitening powder right after consuming tobacco. 

How Frequently should I use Mancode tooth powder?

Daily is the answer for best results. A regular habit is what will pave the way for your teeth care. Use it regularly

Can we use teeth powder during toothache?

Yes, Mancode teeth powder can be used during toothache. As it is 100% organic, it does not have any side effects or harm to your teeth.

Can I mix any other products with Mancode tooth powder?

Yes, you can your regular toothpaste with teeth care but for best results just use the Mancode teeth care regularly without mixing it with any other product.

Is this Mancode teeth powder suitable for all ages?

Yes, the Mancode teeth powder is suitable for all ages. It is 100% organic, with No use of any artificial flavours. It is extracted and made from natural sources.