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Charcoal Shampoo for Men (200 ml)

Charcoal Shampoo for Men (200 ml)

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We mostly get to see charcoal products in the market like charcoal scrub, charcoal mask, charcoal cleanser, charcoal soaps and so on. Seems like charcoal or activated charcoal is very well beneficial in grooming. Charcoal is an activated powder-like substance that is odorless, fine, and non-toxic. We can use charcoal for deep cleansing and nourishing our hairs or even any body part. Charcoal mainly consists of pores and it is negatively charged which makes it the best-suited product to attract toxins and extract them away. This happens in the case of the face as well as hair too. For your face, activated charcoal acts like an exfoliator that has the power to absorb all impurities and toxins from your skin. Our hair is exposed to the dirt, dust, and grim all the time. The best way to get rid of all these elements is by using Mancode Charcoal Hair Shampoo.Charcoal first became popular in skincare products but now it has made its way in hair care products as well. Due to its numerous advantages, brands have started taking charcoal as a prime ingredient for producing different products.


Mancode’s charcoal shampoo is beneficial for oily and greasy hair as charcoal is known to be a detoxifying ingredient. It gathers the oil and dead skin cells from the scalp and washes them away giving a shinier and smoother look.

How To Use

Wash hair using Mancode Charcoal Shampoo. massage gently over the hair to treat the damage hair. Rinse with clean water and wrap your hair in a towel. Let the hair dry naturally. Well done!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Roney G
Perfect fit for Daily Use

It addresses concerns like excess oil and impurities, making it a perfect fit for daily use.

Deeply Cleanse

Mancode charcoal Shampoo deeply cleanses my hair and helps to shine highly recommended

Gilbert John
Refreshing Scent

I was immediately captivated by the refreshing and invigorating scent of the shampoo.

Perfect Hair Care Shampoo

The Charcoal Shampoo for Men, conveniently packaged in a 200 ml bottle, has become a staple in my hair care routine.

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