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Cocoa Butter Body Yogurt | Moisturizer for Men

Cocoa Butter Body Yogurt | Moisturizer for Men

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Emollient properties of Cocoa Butter are generally used in the form of nourishing lotion and moisturizer. Shea butter is popularly known for its skin conditioning agent and the hydration. When applied on skin it forms a protective layer over our dry skin keeping it hydrated and moisturized.

Shea butter body yogurt for skin is the best alternative for your winter creams and lotions due to its Nourishing and softening properties. Shea butter Body Yogurt absorbs easily in the skin layers to soften the skin, hydrates and cures dryness of the skin.

Due to the nourishing and healing properties of Cocoa Butter body butter, you can use it for sunburn, dry patches. It contains vitamin E and A that heals minor cuts, stretch marks and also removes scars and marks.

Cocoa Butter body yogurt can be easily applied as a sunscreen for sun protection. Dermats believe that Cocoa Butter contains natural SPF that can save you from sunburns and renew tanned skin. However, it is not a substitute for a sunscreen cream

Body_Yogurt is an excellent anti-ageing. Its hydrating qualities and the presence of plant-based nutrients like fatty acids and Other Nutrients in it boosts collagen production which slows down ageing. Moreover, its cell-renewing properties prevent wrinkles and fine lines on the skin and help you look younger.





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This is a fantastic product to use, offering great value for your money.

Amazing Deal

This body yogurt leaves the skin feeling incredibly soft and well-moisturized. The delightful scent of cocoa adds to its appeal, making the skincare experience truly enjoyable.

sunny jain
Amazing Product

This product effectively enhances the texture of the skin, making it an overall excellent choice for skincare.


This is hands down the best body yogurt I've ever used. The quality is outstanding, and its performance is truly remarkable. The fragrance is delightful, making it an overall fantastic product that I highly recommend to everyone. You must give it a try!


The fragrance of this product is remarkable, leaving a delightful and appealing scent. Additionally, it's impressive how rapidly it gets absorbed into the skin. Overall, it's an exceptional product that truly stands out.

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