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Gadget Cleaner,100ml

Gadget Cleaner,100ml

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Mancode Gadget cleaner is made with an amazing, proprietary formula that makes sure you have all your gadgets cleaned. Plus, the ability to use it as a spray, makes this one a cleaner you can simply carry it in your bag. You can go anywhere and not worry about clean stuff since you will be having the Mancode gadget cleaner to take care of sanitization needs. 


How To Use

All you got to do is, open the lid, spray some on the device/devices you aim to sanitize and clean it with a tissue paper. That is all. Only 5 seconds of your time can keep you away from diseases and help you enjoy your devices with caution. Moreover, these cleaners keep pathogens away that help you avoid any issues you might face due to allergies. So, here we are, with a revolutionary product to keep you, your family, and your gadgets safe from any viruses, bacteria and other pathogens that might cause issues to your beloved gadgets and keep them clean. You can buy Mancode gadget cleaner from the Mancode shop at reasonable price point.

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