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Hair Tonic, 200 mL

Hair Tonic, 200 mL

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The main function of Mancode Hair Tonic is to strengthen the hair roots so they do not fall off and break easily. Typically, this type of hair tonic contains extract, ginseng, or aloe vera which is good for scalp health .With regular use, guaranteed hair loss is reduced. Your hair also becomes stronger and doesn’t break easily when braided or distyling using curling.


Choose Mancode Hair Tonic that contain anti-keraltic, amino acids, and cimbazole to fight dandruff on the scalp. With regular use, your scalp is guaranteed to be free from troublesome hair problems!

How To Use

The easiest way is to diligently use Mancode Hair Tonic every day. You can massage the scalp with hair tonic that contains ginseng extract, aloe vera, or other natural ingredients that are useful to stimulate hair growth.

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