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Lemon Grass Orange Beard Oil | 60ML

Lemon Grass Orange Beard Oil | 60ML

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Mancode Beard Oil is specifically formulated to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss is an essential product that must be used in daily life as it contains essential ingredients such as Lemongrass Oil as well as Orange beard Oil.
One main advantage of beard oil is that it repairs the damaged hairs and strengthens the hair follicles making them solid and manageable. Continuous use of beard oil activates the hair stem cells, further boosting hair growth, and keeping the beard solid and healthy.


Well, Mancode beard oil is enriched with ingredients such as lemongrass and orange beard oil. We have highlighted the benefits for both of them below:

Benefits of Lemongrass oil for beard:

Lemongrass beard oil if mixed in the beard oil increases the hair consistency and protects it from hair fall.
Everyone loves to have a lustrous, healthy, and thick beard but sometimes it gets affected by the dirt, dust, and harmful pollutants present outside, so in this case usage of lemongrass oil removes the excess grime and dust from the skin which further clears off the dirty particles which are locked inside the beard hairs.
Lemongrass oil also rescues the excessive dryness on the skin and makes way for skin hydration and nourishment.

Benefits of Orange oil for beard:

Orange Beard oil is also known as the Sweet Orange Beard Essential Oil.
Not only this, it has a sweet aroma that keeps your skin and beard rejuvenated and fresh.
It also helps to reduce the acne, scars, and pigmentation from the skin and gives your skin a natural glowing look

How To Use

How to Apply Beard Oil?

Know the right way of applying beard oil to the skin with the help of Mancode professionals:
Step 1: The very first step is to make your skin and beard wet
Step 2:Take 2-3 drops of beard oil in your hand and merge it between both hands and apply gently to your skin
Step 3:Massage the excess oil to your beard. This will help to strengthen the beard hairs and will hydrate your skin.
Step 4:If you have a long beard, you can even comb it to detangle the tangles if any.
Step 5:Rinse with lukewarm water for good results.

Be gentle and softly spread the oil to your beard with the help of the fingers

Which is the best time to apply beard oil?
Lemongrass Orange Beard oil can be applied just before the moment you are about to wash your face. This will help you to get off the excess oil present on the skin and makes your skin super happy

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

It's superb and awesome. it helps to grow the beard fast and perfectly. It's trustable product. Don't go for any other products it's good and effective.

Mind-blowing purchase

This beard oil helps in taming frizz beard,
also help to reduce beardruff and gives shine to beard.
gifted to my bro he really loved this oil.


This oil is very nice in my experience.growth of beard in all surface to face.smell is best .all person use to this product


Good product. Packaging was also good. Thank you mancode for providing this item on this prise and also for delivery.

Good quality product

After 3 weeks I can see the oil works very well.

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