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Germanium & Tea Tree Beard Oil | 60ML

Germanium & Tea Tree Beard Oil | 60ML

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Germanium & Tea Tree Beard Oil Beard oil acts as a conditioner for beard hair and revitalizes frizzy hair and gives them a smooth and tight look. Men use beard oil so that the thick and hard hair of their skin can become soft and at the same time keep their skin nourished. Now let's come to Mancode’s Beard Oil: Keeps the beard hydrated Mancode’s beard oil is enriched with various essential oils such as germanium as well as tea tree oil. These oils have absorbent properties which make the beard manageable. Also, it soaks the excess moisture from the skin and makes the skin dry without taking away the natural moisture from the skin. These oils have moisturizing ingredients that blend the beard and skin’s moisture to give an even-toned beard. Continuous usage of beard oil enhances your beard’s look and softens your beard hair. Some men believe that these oils might be harsh to be used on the face and hence prevents its use. But that is not the case. These oils are completely safe to be used and hence, we are here to dispel these myths against beard oil for you.


Mancode’s Beard Oil is a perfect choice to promote your beard growth as it contains important ingredients such as germanium oil and tea tree oil which are essential for beard care. What is the usage Germanium and Tea tree oil: Germanium Oil: Reduces acne and pimples Germanium oil is enriched with antibacterial, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties, which means that this oil is capable of reducing acne and pimples from the skin. Moreover, germanium oil also treats acne breakouts and controls skin irritation that can be frequent due to harsh beard hair. To treat that rough hair, beard oil with an ingredient of germanium oil must be used regularly Treats oily skin Tea Tree oil has antiseptic properties that contribute to its ability to fight against oily skin. Skin oil is enough to keep the beard moisturized. Excessive oil which gets developed on our skin is harmful as it is capable of the development of many such bacterial agents on our skin which should be prevented. You can always check out Mancode Beard Wash to keep excess oil; away from your skin.

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