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Tea Tree Oil Control Soap, 125gm| Pack of 2

Tea Tree Oil Control Soap, 125gm| Pack of 2

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Benefits of Mancode Tea Tree Oil Soap Antifungal Sweat can cause fungal growth over the skin. It may promote more redness and itchiness. Mancode provides you a complete solution for fungal growth and reduces itchy symptoms. It also kills various bacteria that develop due to worsening fungal infection on the skin.  Feels Refreshed Instantly You are always busy doing something or the other. Whether you are down doing pushups in the gym or working rigorously in the office, feeling sweaty is a big no-no for your sexy charm. With our nourishing soap, you not only counter skin problems but also feel super refreshing. Our unique formula helps to relieve itchiness and gives you an incredible and relaxing feeling that lasts for the entire day.   Combat Acne Acne is a common problem for men. It is a tough one too! Most people rely on many products to counter and treat acne with professional results. Mancode brings to you a daily-use product that helps to treat acne with excellent, transformative, and dramatic results.  Antiseptic & Amazing! Skin issues can cause the growth of bacteria and other microbes that worsen skin damage. The antiseptic properties of the skin reduce skin damage and microbial growth. It helps to cleanse the skin deeply and nourishes the skin to good health. 


The Green French clay in our soap helps to dry up excess sebum from the skin and promote good health. Tea tree oil extract in the skin helps to nourish the skin from within and hydrate your skin for a radiating glow. It also helps to relieve the pain and itchiness caused by damaged skin. Tea tree oil is very effective against acne and contains anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that are very good for your skin

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