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Vitamin C Facial Serum, 50 mL

Vitamin C Facial Serum, 50 mL

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Wrinkles make your skin look dull and you, aged. In between all this, the extra pollutants, dirt, and grime also make your skin suffer a lot. All this adds to different ageing symptoms and makes you look aged. To avoid this, you need a routine that will take care of ageing issues and make your skin look fresh and glowing. Mancode Vitamin C Facial Serum is your best bet to keep your skin away from ageing signs. When something like Vitamin C serum is available, you must take full advantage of it. Serum helps revive your skin by lifting the dead cells and unclogging your skin pores. This exercise leads to a brighter complexion and lets you flaunt your beautiful skin in public. So if you want to appear young and avoid premature ageing signs, Mancode Vitamin C Serum is your way to go.


Look younger and better with Mancode Vitamin C Facial Serum. It features collagen-boosting antioxidant that has the highest levels of Vitamin C. It tones your skin and makes it firm to fsigns of ageing. It also consists of Hyaluronic acid that provides enough hydration to your skin to keep it soft, supple and youthful

How To Use

This potent and richly concentrated age-defying serum is surprisingly gentle and incorporates easily into your skincare routine. Apply a few drops just 2-3 times a week under moisturizer or add it to your daily routine.

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