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Shaving Balm is a glossy ointment used to moisturize the skin or any part applied to it. Shave balm is applied after a shave or before a shave to moisturize the shaved part skin. Usually, shaving causes rashes or skin irritation and redness, which may turn into a bigger problem if not treated. Mancode has designed a shave balm that can be used before shaving or after shaving. Mancode pre-shave balm and post-shave balm are very effective on your skin. Mancode products are free from any artificial flavors, free from parabens. The Mancode shave balm is extracted and made from natural sources, so it does not have any side effects. Applicable on all skin types.


1. Is Mancode shaving balm any good?

Yes, Mancode shaving balm is the best product in the market. They are very effective. It moisturizes the shaved part of the skin and protects from rashes, itchiness, and redness

2. Does Mancode shaving balm have any expiry date?

Yes, all Mancode products come with an expiration date. The expiry date is mentioned on the package of the products. It is best to use the Mancode products before the expiry date.

3. Can I mix other shaving products with other Mancode shaving balms?

Yes, you can mix other shaving products with other Mancode shaving balms. It is advisable to use one brand at a time for effective and fast results.

4. Can I use Mancode shaving balm daily?

Yes, you can use Mancode shaving balm daily as it is just a moisturizer. It does not have any side effects

5. Do we have to apply Mancode shaving balm before or aftershave?

Mancode is offering pre-shaving balm and post-shaving balm to use before and after the shave. These Mancode shaving balms are very effective and act as an excellent moisturizer. Buy Mancode men’s shaving balm at a very affordable rate online through our website.