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Maintaining a Healthy Beard Using our Beard Oil

Do you want to maintain a healthy beard that looks shiny and manly? Well, it is now easier with beard oil.

Beard oil is used to moisturize and soften your facial hair. It also effectively moisturises the skin beneath your beard. People have been using beard oil or naturally available oil such as jojoba oil, cedar oil, peppermint oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, etc. to keep their beards healthy and softer, while also giving them a fuller appearance. It promotes beard growth, but the amount of growth, if any, will ultimately depend on the individual’s genetics. 

Daily use of beard oil can nourish the beard hair and follicle roots to enhance beard quality and give health to it. Nourishing a beard from root to increase shine and make it easily manageable, beard oil are marvellous at this work. As far as texture is concerned, beard hair is generally rougher and more rigid in comparison with the hair growing on your head. The beard oils work for softening these hair, while also giving them shine after applying. It considerably tames scruffy hair, making your beard look neater than it did ever. It keeps the skin underneath your beard healthy and hydrated by providing moisture to it and helps in solving issues like an itchy beard or rough skin.

It is not easy for men to have a perfect-looking beard with all the things we deal with. Men go out in the dust and sunlight, also men sweat a lot which causes germs on the skin and odor. These things for men make it more difficult to manage a healthy beard that looks soft and shiny. Beard oil has a fragrant scent, which remains on your beard almost throughout the day. It is a safer option than using cologne on your facial hair, which is toxic for your skin and hair and can cause several skin issues. Colognes on your skin can cause allergic reactions like itchy skin or rashes, while beard oil give nourishment plus best fragrance. Beard oil are available in a wide range of fragrances, depending on the ingredients used apart from the common, Essential ingredients found in beard oil.

Beard oil go deep into the roots and follicles to provide the required nourishment. It stimulates the follicles to provide more nourishment inside and promote the healthy growth of the beard. Beard oil have the potential to fix rough beards, itchy beards, patchy beards, and full beards. It unclogs the follicles to promote the healthy growth of the facial hair and also strengthens the facial hair roots. It also helps in dead skin cell regrowth in a quicker session so the beard comes full. Managing sebum secretion to maintain a moderate amount of moisture on the skin surface to give the health to dull and frizzy facial hair.

Beard oil are made of all the natural ingredients and do not contain any harmful chemicals, so there is no risk of any side effects. Effective results can be seen in several weeks with consistent use of these beard oil. It gives the beard a fuller look, which lets it stand out like never before. Beard oil can also work wonders like making a dry, lifeless-looking beard turn into a lush, smooth mane for the ages! This is why beard oil is a must-have for many men around the globe.

Mancode understands all the problems men face with grooming. We have come up with these incredible oils for a beard that not only completes your beard with nourishments but also adds shine and lustrous effect to your beard. Improving the texture of the beard from rough and dry to smooth and soft, Mancode has beard oils with natural ingredients that help you maintain your beard in a manly way.

Here are some Advantages of Beard Oil.

  1. Adds life to your dull and frizzy facial hair.
  2. Nourishes the beard from root to up shaft.
  3. Adds shine and softening.
  4. Makes the beard look thicker and fuller.
  5. Stop the thinning and breakage of beard hair.
  6. Fragrance all day.
  7. Improves the overall health of your beard.
  8. Hydrates skin beneath your beard and removes dead cells
  9. Promotes growth of facial hair.
  10. It fixes a patchy beard. 

Faqs for Beard Oil

There are numerous quality options to choose from, and they're all just a few clicks away from reaching your home. Some of the best beard oils you could ask for can be found in Mancode's vast inventory! The beard oils we currently have on show are:

Mancode Beard Oil, available in the following scents/fragrances:

  1. Cedarwood & Rosemary Beard Oil
  2. Clove & Nutmeg Beard Oil
  3. Germanium & Tea Tree Beard Oil
  4. Lemongrass & Orange Oil Beard Oil
  5. Eucalyptus & Black Pepper Beard Oil
  6. Patchouli Beard Oil
  7. Mancode Beard Growth oil

One of the best natural remedies to fight patchy growth of your beard is virgin coconut oil. It protects your skin and the facial hair growing on it. It helps eliminate the formation of split ends and nourishes the roots of your hair follicles. Mancode has good beard growth oil options that will help you cover up those patches to the best of its abilities.

Beard oils are manufactured for the purpose of moisturizing and nourishing your facial hair as well as the skin underneath it. If anything, using beard oils is good for you, unless you have a medical condition or allergic reaction to certain beard oils or products; in that case, stop using them immediately.

Depending on the length of your beard, pour 3-6 drops of the beard oil on the palm of your hand and rub it against your other palm to ensure an even distribution of the oil. You'll feel the warmth of the oil as you're rubbing.

Then, start off by rubbing the oil on your beard hair and make sure it reaches your skin as well. Massage your face as you're applying it; circular motion is recommended to get the best output. Having a warm shower or bath with warm water helps open up pores and increase the effectiveness of the oil. After this, start rubbing the oil into your beard. You can also apply the oil remaining on your fingers and palms on your moustache if you wish to.

Most beard oils have a majority of natural ingredients as compared to chemicals such as preservatives and so on. They are created and designed to be applied on one's face and facial hair, thus most users don't encounter any side effects. However, side effects like an allergic reaction for example, occur in some users' cases; it all depends on the person's skin type.

The difference is little to none, but beard oils are made exclusively for the betterment and nourishment of beard hair. The composition and texture of beard hair and the hair on your head are not the same. Beard hair is thicker and more rigid as compared to the hair growing from your scalp; they have different requirements.

Beard oils are made by combining argan oil, jojoba oils, grape seeds, etc. I must mention that these ingredients help moisturize and condition the beard as well as the facial scalp. Granted you have an average-sized beard, you'll need to apply just a couple of drops or a maximum of 3 drops to work its magic on your entire beard and skin beneath it. 4-6 drops are sufficient to get the job done for longer beards.

Also, beard oils lend a zesty scent to your facial hair throughout the day.

Your best bet at getting the most out of your beard oil is to apply it immediately after a warm shower. Warm water opens up the pores on your skin and provides the beard oil an open gateway to seep into the pores and do its work. Make sure your beard is damp or almost completely dry before applying and spreading a few drops of oil on your hair and skin underneath it. The second option is to apply it overnight and wash it off from your beard with plain water or a mild facial cleanser after waking up.

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