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Mancode Patchouli Beard Oil | 60ML

Mancode Patchouli Beard Oil | 60ML

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Mancode developed beard oil with patchouli oil, which is an aromatic herb that benefits the beard in many ways like preventing dandruff and beard itchiness. Patchouli oil also provides you the assistance in extracting away the bacterial agents which cause many restraints related to beard growth.
Our skin needs a proper moisture level for the beard to grow. Using the beard oil daily would enable the moisture to grow directly into the hair follicles which not just nourishes the beard hairs but also reduces the amount of dandruff, flaking, and dryness present beneath the skin and the beard.
Keeping the skin moisturized would prevent the beard hairs from becoming brittle from the harsh pollutants present outside
One more beneficial thing about using beard oil is that it detangles the tangled hairs and makes the beard hairs soft and smooth making them supple and scented


Many men think that using these products would be of no benefit, but the real thing is that these products are prepared using essential ingredients which are advantageous for skin and skin-related issues.
Well, Mancode’sΒ  patchouli beard oil is surely enriched with Patchouli beard oil but along with that, several ingredients have been used to ensure good beard health.

These ingredients include:
Jojoba Oil
The use of jojoba oil is highly seen in beauty products due to its capability of naturally producing sebum to the skin in the form of skin conditioners. Not only this, but it also fights against bacterial infections and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which help in preventing dryness from the skin. It also helps to treat brittle or damaged hairs and gradually removes excess dandruff from the skin.

Sunflower Oil
Sunflower oil has all the essential ingredients which are needed to prevent problems related to hair loss and breakage. Sunflower oil is enriched with vitamins A, B, C, and E.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil remains on top of the table in healing any kind of issue whether it is hair, skin, or others. Due to its natural properties of keeping the beard hairs healthy and conditioned, Mancode has included Coconut oil in the production of the Beard Oil.

How To Use

Beard Oil is essential to nourish and hydrate the beard and make it manageable. Whenever you grow a beard, the excess oil which is present on the skin gets absorbed by the beard leaving your skin to get dry. Hence, proper skin hydration is necessary so that beard hairs can grow freely without facing broken hairs
After using the beard oil, make a habit of leaving it for an hour or two till the beard oil does its job, after which you can rinse it with beard wash and cleanse with a dry towel. Make it a routine so that the deep cleansing of your beard can be carried out from time to time.

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